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AMCO Ltd. has been operating since 1977 and now have established itself in Ghana. Its aim is to provide high quality products required for transportation in particular and metallic construction in general.

Two factory locations at the moment; In Ghana and Lebanon, where the factories play a major role in the Arabian-African market of heavy load vehicles.

The company kept expanding and now covers a number of engineering disciplines from conceptualization, design analysis and manufacturing. The company strongly believes in professionalism and therefore focuses on the know-how of its employees in order to optimize the manufactured products it offers.


We believe in maximum flexibility of manufacturing. To that effect, beside standard heavy load vehicles we offer options developed to meet the needs of individual companies.

In order to be able to achieve customer satisfaction at all times, we have established a Quality Management System which applies to all our services.

We view this system as an excellent framework allowing us to go beyond the mere effective implementation, but towards continually improving our procedures in order to enhance efficiency of all its processes.


State of the Art Manufacturing Processes & Know-Hows

We currently serve customers in transportation, construction, logistics, advertising ...
We continuously research these sectors in order to be able to identify the needs and expectations of our current and potential customers.
We do this with the view of identifying new products that may be developed to suit those needs as well as to continually adapt our organization in such a way that we can serve the customers well.


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